Thursday, December 22, 2011

11 Things

I tagged by Amalia, and now, i have to write 11 things about me below.

1. My full name is Dhita Liawaty Saputri. You just have to call me 'Dhita'.
2. My dad has passed away, He gone about 5-6 months ago:( I miss him already:(
3. I still don't know what i want to be.
4. I'm 16 years old now.
6. I have been waited for a boy -almost 3 years- who never wanted me in his life. But now, i almost forget him:)
7. I love someone in my class, i can't call it secretly. And i hate it.
8. I make everything harder.
9. Proud to be MOESLEM
10. I really miss my old class, X2, but it doesn't make my love to my new class less, XI IPA 4 (Assasins)
11. I have 2 closest friends. And i proud of having them.

Amalia's Questions

1. What do you think about my blog?
-Honestly, i love your blog.
2. What's you're favorite color? and why.
-I don't know. I love all of the colors.
3. (SUPER RANDOM) What's your Mom's grandma's name?
-I really don't know.
4. Who is your Favorite singer/band? and why.
-Secondhand Serenade. I don't know. His songs are really easy listening.
5. Do you like the color blue? If no, what color do you like?
-Emmm, maybe.
6. Your favorite meal of the day?
-Haven't eat anything yet today.
7. Follow me on twitter? I'll follow back. (@amaliaspace)
8. What did you dream last night?
-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA have i tell you in here?
9. Have you ever saw Journey to the Center of the earth?
10. If you were a shoe, what will you be?
-The little things she needs maybe. Or ZARA.
11. Who do you talk to the most and almost everyday?

And i tag
Presticilla - Regina -Annisa - Dewi Ariesi - Andiline - Claudia - Ara - Afi - Nesya - Ghea  - Maudy

And those questions for them :
1. Have you ever waited for someone until a year?
2. Who's people in your mind right now?
3. Have you travel the world?
4. Do you want to meet Justin Bieber?
5. What's color of you room?
6. Do you have brother or sister? How many?
7. What's colow of your laptop?
8. Where's you have been spent your child?
9. Do you have a bestbestbestfriend that knows everything about you and understands you well?
10. Have you ever love someone secretly?
11. have you ever fall in love with your bestfriend?
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